H beam gantry welding machine
This type of H - shaped steel boat submerged arc welding welding. Both sides are controlled and driven by AC frequency conversion motor - frequency converter, which can realize a wide range of speed regulation and break through the contradiction between high speed in air stroke and low speed in work. Two groups of longitudinal moving devices are provided on the beam to drive the welding head; With mechanical gear, rack drive to adjust the head position up and down around the position; The arc guide device is composed of double spring mechanism and guide wheel, the welding position is accurate, so the weld quality is high. Transverse movement when the gauge is 4m, it is manual mode, 5m and 6m, it is electric mode. The left and right fine tuning is manually adjusted on the guide arc frame, and the automatic tracking of the guide arc device in a small range is realized by using spring recovery. All control cables, welding cables and air pipes are randomly transmitted through the block to ensure the effectiveness of the stroke. The flux recovery system works independently with a maximum capacity of approximately 50Kg flux; The welding wire plate is equipped with a 200Kg welding wire plate frame. Users can customize the welding wire plate below 200Kg.
 Suitable for H beam size Width200-800mm
Transverse rail4000mm/5000mm/6000mm
Rail18000mm(According to customer requirements)
Welding speed300-600mm/min
Empty walking speed3000mm/min
Welding positionShip welding
Applicable wire size3.2-5mm
Applicable to wire disc specifications25-350kg
Solder recovery machineLT-100(3kw)
Drive formBilateral drive (frequency conversion motor)
Walking control modeAc frequency conversion stepless speed regulation
The power supplyAC 380V 50HZ 3 Phrase
Machine Power10.5kw(4m)/10.86kw(5m,6m)
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