DX series end surface milling machine

DX series end surface milling machine adopts special milling power head, high strength welding bed body and lifting column body, equipped with frequency conversion system drive, PLC process control, to realize automatic milling process; choose standard or Angle forming milling cutter, can realize the needs of welding groove processing process of workpiece. According to different workpiece requirements, supplemented by different workbench, can be H-shaped steel, BOX beam or other large parts end surface processing. Widused in electric power, petrochemical, bridge, power station construction, boiler and other industries.

Milling workpiece height is mm800120014001500
Milling workpiece width is mm1600240016002000
Maximum primary milling depth of mm5
Horizontal feed speed: mm / min200~650
Vertical feed speed mm / min200~650
Milling cutter tray diameter of mm¢ 200 (12 teeth)
Horizontal fast-forward speed of mm / min1500~2000
Vertical fast-forward speed of mm / min1500~2000
Main Milling Power Kw5.5
main shaft speed rpm80~400 (Class 8 switching gear)
Horizontal feed power: Kw4
Vertical feed power Kw3
Hydraulic station motor power Kw3
Hydraulic system operating pressure MPa4