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Ten prohibition of after-sales service


To discipline after-sales service and build up excellent image of after-sales service,
our company decides to publish Ten prohibition of after-sales service, which are as follows:
1.It is forbidden to ask property, food or accommodation from the customer.
2.It is forbidden to disobey customers’ working time and relative rules and regulations.
3.It is forbidden to have violent words and deeds (blaspheme or fight) towards customers.
4.It is forbidden to have any words and deeds damaging the image of our company
(including commercial confidential information).
5.It is forbidden to have drink during working time (esp. lunch time).
6.It is forbidden to enter ballroom, bar, club etc or do gambling.
7.It is forbidden to recommend other manufacturers’ products similar to ours.
8.It is forbidden to donate or offer in low price accessories or promise any service or modification of relative equipment without permission.
9.It is forbidden to leave the working place or customers’ company without permission.
10.It is forbidden to stay at home when return to Wuxi rather than go to factory to register lest delay our company’s vehicle to customer’s company.