JZ H beam steel flange straightening machine

Type J Z H beam steel flange straightening machine

In the process of welding H beam steel, the wing plate will inevitably produce angular deformation. This machine is a special equipment used to correct the wing edge plate. The machine is simple and efficient to operate, and is widely used in metallurgical building, metal structure, hydraulic machinery and industrial installation and other industries. The flange correction machine is compact in structure, easy in operation and easy in maintenance. And the correction efficiency is high, good quality, is the ideal equipment for H-type steel correction.

Model parameters JZ-40A

Minimum web height (mm) 200

Fender height (mm) 200-800

Fender plate thickness (mm) 6-40

Corrective speed (mm / min) 9000

Workpiece material Q235

Transmission motor power (kw) 11

Total installed capacity (kw) 13.2

Overall size of the host machine (length x width x height) mm 3500x1100x1900