ZK5550 CNC Drilling machine

ZK5550(B) control plane drilling machine is a special machine tool for connecting plate processing. This equipment is multi-station processing form, can be single, multi-piece processing, also suitable for multi-piece overlapping processing, effectively improve the work efficiency. The axial feed of the main shaft of the equipment is realized by servo motor drive, synchronous belt and pulley deceleration, ball screw pair drive and linear guide rail support, the feed speed and stroke can realize digital control; This equipment combines numerical control system, digital AC servo system and precision machinery together to form high-tech products with high reliability, high precision, easy operation, strong process applicability and high production efficiency. The operator only needs to input the relevant size of the workpiece, the input can be repeatedly called, without the preparation of complex processing program, is an ideal automatic, efficient metal drilling machine tool.

ItemZK5550 (1016)(B)ZK5550(1520)(B)
Maximum thickness of plate (can be overlapped)80
Max. machining of one piece (width X length)1000X1600mm2000×1500mm
Max. machining of two pieces (width X length)800X1000mm1500×1000mm
Max. machining of three pieces (width X length)500X800mm750×1000mm
Min. machining of one piece (width X length)200X200mm200X200mm
Spindle chuck Mohs№4
Maximum machined diameterØ50mm
Spindle motor power5.5Kw
Speed range of spindle120~560rpm
Up and down stroke of main shaft   200mm
Thickness of machisable workpiece15~80mm
Table hydraulic fixture12 sets16 sets
Hydraulic system pressure6Mpa
Air pressure0.6Mpa
X axis servo motor power1Kw
Y axis servo motor power1Kw
Z axis servo motor power1.5Kw
Hydraulic system hydraulic pump power3.7Kw
Cutting fluid transfer pump0.25Kw
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