• Wuxi Hualian Science&Technology Group is developed from previous Wuxi Hualian Welding&Cutting Equipment Factory, which was established in 1987. The group has a total registered capital of 1100 million RMB and covers an area of  200,000 square meter,it’s a high-tech, private enterprise specialized, in producing and supplying, welding&cuttingequipment,CNC system,CNC machineries,welding power,source mechanical&electrical integrated products and galvanized steel coil etc. The products are widely used in steel structure, shipbuilding, bridge building,boiler,chemical industry, metallurgy, electrical power industries etc. 


    Keep improving the product manufacturing,people-focused,and management idea of adhere to independent innovation,make Hualian technology always proudly at domestic cutting welding equipment manufacturing industry.There is provincial level engineering echnology center, provincial level automation research and development center and postdoctoral workstation, and build long-term relationship with Shangjiao Jiaotong University, Jiannan University, Shanghai Machine Bed Research Laboratory and so on, repeatedly rated as High-tech enterprises in jiangsu province and Provincial top private technology enterprises. The group has 739 patents, including 82 patents for invention and 299 patents for utility model.
    Economic globalization brings unprecedented opportunities of development for Hualian, at present, the company products have been exported to Japan, France, Germany, Russia, Spain, South Korea, Singapore, Iran and other countries, gradually into the machinery manufacturing developed countries.

    Hualian Science&Technology Group innovate operation mechanism according to modern enterprise system and all kinds of products professional production requirements, there are three subsidiaries:

    Wuxi Hualian Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd 、 Wuxi Hualian CNC Technology Co.,Ltd and Wuxi Liancheng Steel Co.,Ltd.  


    Wuxi Hualian Science&Technology Groug

    Mainly provide special welding machine and auxiliary machine such as T-bar production line and T-bar installation&welding&straightening all in one production line for ship, T-bar panel chamfering machine and FCB production line for shipyard. Main customers have Dalian Shipyard Industry, DACOS, Zhoushan COSCO, Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industry Company, Jiangnan Shipyard Changxing base, Wuchang Shipyard, Qingdao Beihai Heavy Industry, Jiangsu New Yangzi River, New Age, New Oriental Shipyard, Jiangsu Jinling Shipyard, Shuntian Shipyard and so on.


    Wuxi Hualian Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd 

    Mainly engaged in research&develop and product H-beam welding production line (light type, heavy type), box beam welding production line, horizontal assembly&welding production line, shot blasting machine and CNC drilling&milling&shotting&blasting all in one CNC steel structure secondary processing equipment, end milling, milling machine, CNC plasma, fine plasma cutting precision machinery, is the biggest steel structure equipment manufacturing base. Main customers have Hangxiao Steel Structure, Zhejiang Seiko, Anhui Honglu Steel Structure, Dongnan Net Rack, Dajin Heavy Industry, Xinjiang Guangzheng, Shanghai Baoye, huning Steel Machine, Zhejiang Hengda, Zhejiang Huadong Steel Structure, Beijing Duowei hundreds of famous steel structure manufacturers. 

    Wuxi Hualian also specializing in the production of automatic submerged arc welding machine and welding cutting power, the product passed the national mandatory 3C certification, the factory pass rate is 100% . 

    Wuxi Hualian CNC Technology Co.,Ltd  

    Dedicated to the CNC technology and the development of the CNC system. 


    Wuxi Liancheng Steel Co.,Ltd

    With the large-scale development of construction steel structure, the anti-corrosion of thin-walled cold-formed steel puts forward new requirements, Hualian Science&Technology Group tightly grasp the market opportunity, costly to form Liancheng Steel Structure. Liancheng Steel Structure is specializing in the production of galvanized steel strip, the product greatly applied to steel structure construction of roof and metope wood article, the company invested one hundred million, the annual output can reach 100000 tons. Production material: Q195, Q235 and Q345. Production specification: width from 100 mm to 750 mm, the thickness from 0.5 mm to 4.0 mm, galvanized layer: 120g to 275g. At the same time the company also professional custom-made all kinds of C, Z type steel, arrange transportation. Get general consent from Hangxiao Steel Structure, Zhejiang Hengda, Zhejiang Dongnan, Anhui Honglu, Shanghai Baoye, Shixing Group, Guangdong Lifeng, Guangzhou Wuyang and many domestic famous steel structure enterprises. 


    Hualian Science&Technology Group will be in line with innovation&integrity professional spirit and behavior concept, is committed to make fine products, innovate technology, make contributions to promote national industry.Wuxi Hualian Science&Technology Group is developed from previous Wuxi Hualian Welding&Cutting Equipment Factory, which was established in 1987. The group has a total registered capital of 1100 million RMB and covers an area of 200000 square meter, it’s a high-tech private enterprise specialized in producing and supplying welding&cuttinge quipment,CNCsystem,CNCmachineries,welding power source,mechanical&electrical integrated products and galvanized steel coil etc. The products are widely used in steel structure, shipbuilding, bridge building,boiler, chemical industry,metallurgy,electrical power industries etc.

  • ● In March 2013, the Group was evaluated as “Jiangsu Provincial Enterprise Intellectual Property Rights Management Standards Demonstration Uni...


    ● In February 2013, the Group passed the check and acceptance of clean production of Wuxi City, and obtained “Certificate of Clean Production”...


    ● In January 2013, the Group passed the acceptance inspection of intellectual property standardization implementation of Jiangsu Province.


    ● In December 2012, the Group passed the acceptance of Intellectual Property Strategic Advance Program of Jiangsu Province.


    ● Dec in 2012 Our company passed safety production standardization acceptance ans obtained safety production standardization third level enter...


    ● Dec in 2012 HLHG brand GS series CNC cutting machine was defined as 2012 annual Wuxi Famous-brand Product by Wuxi Quality Working Leader Gro...


    ● Jan in 2012 Our company was defined as Harmonious union happy home model unit by New District General Union.


    ● Dec in 2011 GS CNC gantry multi-function spherical cutting machine was defined as New High-tech Product by Science and Technology Agency of ...


    ● Oct in 2011 Multi-electrode longitudinal welder was defined as New High-tech Product.


    ● Mar in 2011 Our company was named China's outstanding private enterprises.

  • Twenty years of trials and hardships,Hualian Technology has three wholly owned subsidiaries and a holding company intheir respective areas of space to accept the industry's temper, in theforefront of the market to show his own beautiful gesture. This road has noshortcuts, is that all Hualian people with their most simple heart, the mostfirm belief created a history of Hualian miracle. For customers which arealways supporting Hualian Technology , we are grateful; for the employees whichare accompanying all the way, we cherish ……