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For the installation and debugging of welding device MZ-1000, we have many suggestions:

Firstly check whether the screws and contactors are loose after long distance transportation.
1. The main body should be installed outside steadily and smoothly, more than 30cm higher than the ground. There should be no rain, no water, no heavy dust and no flammable and explosive gas there.
2. Safe grounding: There is a mark “” right below the main body of welding device. Connect reliably with the ground through copper line >10mm2. Usually the grounding resistance 4Ω to ensure the safety.
3. Primary line: The primary line of welding device, whose section area ≥16mm2 should connect with 150A air circuit breaker supplied by the customer.
4. Control box: It is fixed on the upper side of operation box of welding device. The bolt should be steady and tight.
5. Welding handle line: The welding handle line applies two pieces of 95mm2 cooper line, while the two cooper nozzles should be fixed with hydraulic pincers and treated with tin-painting treatment so as to ensure excellent contact. Try to avoid heat caused by high current because of bad contact, lest the cable will get aging in advance and the welding will be effected.
6. Insulation: Gantry should be insulted with wire feeding organ and welding wire, with insulation resistance >1mΩ.
7. Connect 14-core: 14-core is the control cable of main body and control box. Aerial plug should be welded with tin and covered with insulation pipe. Check whether the circuit open or closed with multi-meter after welding so as to ensure the right connection. 
8. Line for motors: No. 1 and No. 2 of 4-core aerial plug inside control box connect with wire feeding motor armature, while No. 3 and No. 4 with motor excitation.
9. Bond strap: i.e. the negative side of main body should apply two pieces of 952 cooper line. Install it steadily with material frame as item 5.



1.Make sure of the right connection of each line.
2.Check the three phases – 380V (whether it is in the range of 10 %.).
3.Check the settlement of switch of main body. The settlement should be “Remote control” and “Stop”.
4.Check the settlement of switch of control box. The settlement should be “Debugging” and “Stop”.
5.Check the safe wire on the bottom of control box. The “wire feeding” and “moving” is “1A, 5A, 5A”.
6.Install suitable coil.
7.Check whether the insulation between wire feeding machine and gantry is >1 mΩ.
8.Rotate each knob on control box anti-clockwise to extreme level.
9.Open the power supply. Fan on main body should works now.
10.After 5 min idle working, turn the wire-choosing switch to “Wire feeding” position and slowly rotate “Voltage of welding wire” button. Meanwhile,observe the rotating condition of wire feeding wheels (If they are in wrong direction, cut off the power supply and then exchange the positive and negative pole of armature of wire feeding motor. The direction will be in
the right way. ) Meanwhile, feed the welding wire into welding torch slowly.
11.Fix proper conduction nozzle.
12.Select welding parameters. A.. welding current B. welding voltage C. moving speed D. proper welding material E. treatment of mother material etc.Debugging1.Make sure of the right connection of each line.
13.Settle welding current and welding voltage according to welding parameters. Settle moving speed on gantry.
14.Move the gantry to arc-starting pad. Submerge welding power.
15.Make welding settlement of control box. Settle the switch to the position “Welding” and “Wire feeding”.
16.Start gantry and welding device at the same time. The gantry should move at the settled speed. The wire is on “Slow wire feeding” condition when not contacting work piece (Speed at this time is adjusted by PCB2 and PW3. Usually it is adjusted before delivery so no more adjustment is needed.) During this period, the voltmeter shows DC 58V (voltage for idle movement). The arc starts once the welding wire contacts the work piece. At this moment, adjust carefully “Welding voltage” and “Welding current” to required welding parameters.
17.Press stop button then stop welding.
18.Cut off main power supply and close main valve to ensure safety.