MWZD-1200 horizontal assembly welding production line

MWZD-1200 horizontal assembly welding production line

This production line is used for steel structure manufacturers for a large number of H-type production device, using single arc double wire welding process, MWZD-1200 horizontal assembly welding production line consists of end group machine, front welding machine, turning point, rear welding machine, conveying roller. The three steel plates composed of H-shaped steel can be immediately welded by the end group unit and sent by the conveying roller to the horizontal welding machine for positioning, and the welding work can be completed. Then, the other side of the H-shaped steel is completed by turning over 180°. After the delivery roller, the welding machine is positioned and the welding side of the H-shaped steel. So far, the whole H-type steel group vertical welding operation has been completed. The production line has a high degree of automation, simple operation, but also can effectively improve the production efficiency.

Equipment composition MWZD12-05 end spot welding machine: 1 set

 MWZD12-02 horizontal assembly welding machine: 2 sets

 FZ-4 chain type turn over transfer point: 1 set

Wingboard width 150~500mm

Wing plate thickness 5~20mm

Abdominal height 300~1200mm

Abdominal thickness 5~12mm

Variable section Angle ≤8°

Artifact length 4~15m

speed of welding 500-1500mm / min (actual speed according to welding process)

Fast delivery speed 11000mm/min

Suitable for wire diameter Ø1.2mm,Ø1.6mm

Welding type Single arc and double wire flat angle welding

Roller path length (front and rear) 15000mm

welding source American Lincoln DC-1000 single arc double wire / domestic welding machine