T beam welding line

T-profile assembly and welding production line

product presentation

This line is a special production line of efficient mass production Marine T type row, on the pipeline is equipped with panel positioning device, web positioning device, T-type assembly, positioning welding device, T profile shunt device, panel inverted machine, T row out device, T type, T profile door welding machine, T profile correction machine, conveying roller and other auxiliary equipment, realize the automation of T-type assembly process. The whole process is automatically controlled by PLC, and each process is equipped with safety alarm and interlock to ensure the safety and sequential production of each link.

Equipment list of T-profile assembly and welding production line

1. Avic plate positioning device A

2. Avic plate positioning device B



3. Panel positioning device



4. Position the welding input roller path

5. T-profile assembly vertical device

6. Electronic control system and gas control system



7. Positioning the spot welding device

8. Position the welding output roller path

9. T-profile shunt device



10. Inverted edge machine input roller path

11. Inverted edge machine host



12. Output roller path of the inverted edge machine

13. Support the platform



14. Support the platform

15. Welding platform clamp device

16. Welding platform turning-over device



17,24 Electrode gate type automatic welder



18. HL06-00T profile hydraulic correction machine


Note: Specific equipment configuration can be configured according to customer needs.

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