GSⅡ CNC desktop plasma cutting machine

The CNC desktop plasma cutting machine adopts an integral worktable, and the vertical and horizontal guide rails adopt high-precision linear guide rails; the equipment adopts an integrated modular structure, which is easy to install, fast, and runs smoothly. It is suitable for cutting small parts of medium and thin plates. It can be cut and processed in any plane geometry.

Main technical parameters of CNC desktop plasma cutting machine

Effective cutting width1000-2000mm
Effective cutting length2000-6000mm
drive modebilateral drive
Plasma torch quantity1 group (including initial positioning and anti-collision device)
Laser positioningGroup 1
Control SystemBeijing Start/Hualian F2500/Hualian HLJD-SK-2005/Spain FAGOR8035/Haibao MicroEDGE
Plasma PowerHualian/Haibao/Feimat/Kelbe etc.
cutting speed0-10000mm/min
top speed12000mm/min
cutting gasCompressed air, oxygen, nitrogen, H35
OptionalNesting software