Box beam (BOX) welding production line

With the development of the steel structure market, box columns (BOX) are used more and more in bridges, power stations, boilers, high-rise buildings and other fields. U-shaped assembly, BOX assembly, electroslag welding, BOX connection, end face processing, shot blasting and rust removal and other process points, together with main processing equipment, at the same time, because box-shaped columns are generally large and heavy,Therefore, in the layout, we add conveying raceways, steel moving and turning, steel moving machines, and hydraulic turning equipment to realize part of the automaticAccording to user requirements, the host can be made in two forms: portal type and cantilever type.

Box beam (BOX) welding production line equipment list

Product numberproduct namequantityThe main parameters
GZII-6000Multi-head flame cutting machine1 set  66386fb5-d69f-4c2d-a758-e41a9acc247d.jpg
XBJ-15 Edge milling machine 1 set  725fd92f-5705-403a-bd97-ebd8cdfc59b9.jpg 
 HFJ-1200 Inner partition assembly machine1 set  049f1d54-62c4-4f79-9433-29deb49853fa.jpg 
 ZUZB-1200 Box type assembly machine1 set  4395ea92-6772-4e74-a28d-69c618c1db40.jpg 
 DZ-1200X  Cantilever Electroslag Welder 2 units  989abd46-6043-4f79-8171-27af5560f383.jpg 
MDZ-1200 Portal Electroslag Welder 2 units 68e5cdea-092c-468c-87dc-1c36fcb66f68.jpg 
MHQ-4000Door type gas shielded welding bottoming machine1 set 451f5cfc-d8ed-4261-bd3c-fd9893728d79.jpg 
XMHQ-1200Cantilever gas shielded welding bottoming machine1 set  e0f5bc86-e279-46f9-b2de-99766859aa41.jpg 
XMHJ-1200Cantilever box column submerged arc welding machine1 set e378879b-0c91-4b6b-b86b-735f797c301c.jpg 
MHJ-4000CPortal box column submerged arc welding machine1 set 5f0384ff-45e4-4ec4-b49a-9707454f7c13.jpg 
YGJ-15steel transfer machine2 units 4aae130e-b78c-4b2d-a15e-05e44c6d1bdc.jpg 
YFJ-1090 ° hydraulic tilting stand3 units 916ac5ed-df31-412a-9f23-2308f578549d.jpg 
YFJS-20180 ° steel transfer machine4 units bda69924-53b2-4f0e-b325-d5134d5253c6.jpg 

Conveyor raceway170m
HGQ1218-8Roller shot blasting machine1 set 8ae82f2c-a32b-48bd-9e08-eb39e0243059.jpg