Desktop fine round hole plasma cutting machine

Nc table round hole plasma cutting machine adopts the whole workbench, longitudinal and transverse guide adopts high precision linear guide rail; Equipment adopts one-piece modular structure, installation is convenient, fast, stable operation, suitable for medium and small plate parts cutting, cutting is mainly used for arbitrary plane geometry.

Numerical control bench round hole plasma cutting machine, main technical parameters

Effective cutting width1000-2000mm
Effective cutting length2000-6000mm
Drive wayDouble drive
Plasma cutting torch1 set (including the initial positioning andanti-collision device)
Laser positioning1 set of
Control systemThe U.S. cable retrofitted Dagger NC haibaoMicroEDGE Pro or the United States
Plasma power supply (automatic gas controller)Hai bao/cable
Cutting speed1000-1000mm/min
The highest speed12000mm/min
Cutting gasCompressed air, oxygen, nitrogen, H35
optionalNesting software


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