CNC drilling and cutting machine manufacturing and application


CNC drilling cutting machine is Wuxi Hualian Technology Group Co., Ltd. developed with the advanced level of new processing equipment.CNC Drilling Machine is a kind of using computer programming on the plate for automatic drilling of metal cutting machine tools. CNC cutting machine is a computer programming to cut out the various forms of flat-plate parts of the metal thermal processing machine tools. CNC drilling machine is a combination of CNC drilling machine and CNC cutting machine combination of the characteristics of their respective machine tools. When the work piece does not require drilling, and other steel cutting equipment can be exactly the same as steel cutting cutting.

When the work piece needs drilling, tapping, and can be the first drilling, tapping, and then cutting cutting, CNC drilling and cutting machine to achieve a multi-purpose machine, greatly improving work efficiency. CNC drilling and cutting machine is suitable for shipbuilding, machinery, chemical equipment, boiler manufacturing, rolling stock, petrochemical and other manufacturing industries, is the steel plate high-precision drilling, tapping and thermal cutting of automatic integration processing equipment.

2.Status and price of domestic and foreign similar equipment

Foreign CNC drilling cutting machine development earlier, some of the more well-known manufacturers are based on the use of CNC cutting machine,which can be used to high-speed power head or Turret power head. As the higher price of the high-speed power to the head and its Suhner and turret power head, the price for these machines should be hundreds of million RMB. CNC drilling cutting machine start to developing in recent years in China, Messer used Suhner high-speed power head and Falilai's spindle mechanism is more complex, their equipment prices are high. The biggest problem is how to maximize the performance of the development of similar quality with lower price products in China. We continue to explore through the use of a small number of components to buy domestic brands and the autonomy of the manufacture of some functional components (has been a number of national patents), making a configuration with plasma cutting CNC drilling cutting machine price control in the hundreds of thousands of yuan about.

CNC drilling and cutting machine manufacturing and

3. Main Technical parameters




CNC SystemFAGOR 8055Drilling abilityΦ5-Φ30 mm
Effective cutting width2500mm-4500mmTapping capacityM6-M16
Effective cutting length3500mm-9500mmSpindle specificationsBT40
Fast walking speed24000mm/minSpindle drilling speed150-3000rpm
Cutting methodFlame/PlasmaSpindle lifting stroke400mm
Cutting speed100-3000mm/minIron plate compacting device2 set
Torch lift travel150mmNumber of magazine tools3 set(Automatic tool change)
positioning accuracy±0.2 mmLength detection device1 set
Repeatability±0.2 mmSpray cooling device1 set


4.Equipment manufacturing structure

4.1Main machine

The main machine is the main body of the machine, which is composed of cross member, main frame component, subframe component, longitudinal driving device, driving slide plate, spindle lifting mechanism, spindle component, iron plate pressing device, magazine unit, cooling device, Driven slide plate, cutting torch lift, plasma cutting system and other components, the use of bilateral drive gate structure.

4.1.1Beam components
Beam using steel and steel welded box-shaped structure, which is characterized by good rigidity, beautiful appearance. The rear side of the beam is equipped with a linear guide, and a rack is arranged to drive the output gear of the slide plate to engage with it to realize the transverse movement of the torch.

4.1.2Main rack components
The main frame is welded by the steel pipe and the steel plate. The two ends of the main frame are equipped with two rollers for supporting the whole machine and two sets of lateral guide rollers for adjusting the lateral gap between the main machine and the longitudinal main guide rail. The machine is equipped with a vertical drive device. The two ends are respectively equipped with a dust remover to clean the dirt on the surface of the guide rail. It has the features of compact structure and reliable working.

4.1.3 Sub-rack components
The structure of the sub-frame parts is basically the same as that of the main frame, only the symmetrical production.

4.1.4 Longitudinal drive.
The vertical drive device is mounted on the main frame part and the sub-frame part. It adopts the original planetary gear reducer of Germany equipped with precision guiding and backlash tensioning mechanism. The output shaft gear meshes with the rack on the longitudinal guide rail, Machine for longitudinal movement.

4.1.5 Drive the slide plate
Driving slide using the German original planetary gear reducer, equipped with precision-oriented, the output gear and rack for meshing for lateral movement.

4.1.6 Spindle lifting mechanism
The spindle lifting mechanism adopts the servo motor to move up and down the carriage installed on the linear guide rail through the ball screw, so that the spindle components mounted on the carriage can perform the tool change, fast-forward,  

4.1.7 Spindle components
Spindle components mainly make up by the spindle box, spindle servo motor, high-speed spindle and knife cylinder, spindle servo motor through the timing belt and timing belt makes high-speed spindle high-speed rotation, knife cylinder knife according to the needs of action.

4.1.8 Iron plate compacting device
The clamping device consists of two sets of guide rod cylinders with semi-annular pressure plate on the front end, which are installed symmetrically on both sides of the spindle unit. The semi-annular pressure plate is driven by the telescopic movement of the guide rod cylinder to realize the pressing and releasing of the work piece. .

4.1.9 Tool magazine components
The tool changer assembly is composed of three straight drill bits distributed on the tool holder. Each drilling tool holder is equipped with a square sensor under the tool holder. On one side of the tool holder, a cutting tool can be measured, knife head and its induction device.  

4.1.10 Cooling equipment
Cooling device is installed in the box by the gas mist cooling pump as a control part of the compressed air and the cooling fluid within the tank were intermittently released through the pipeline to the flexible nozzle, the flexible nozzle will be the aerosol of the coolant Intermittent spray to the machine tool spindle processing for cooling.

4.1.11 Follower slide plate
The driven slide plate is connected by a hard connection and a driving slide plate for mounting the torch to and from.

4.1.12 Torch lift
Torch lift is driven by the lift motor through the screw guide rail slider, so that the torch for connecting up and down movements, so that the cutting nozzle and cut between the work piece to maintain the appropriate distance. With the above longitudinal and lateral motions, the torch can then be moved to any point on the X, Y coordinates. Cutting distance of the lifting is also achieved by cutting the thickness of the different requirements of the adjustment.  

4.1.13 Plasma cutting system
Plasma power supply according to the size of the power supply installed in the beam or fixed ground position, plasma cutting torch mounted on the lift, automatic lift with a capacitor or height adjustment arc voltage automatic elevation system to ensure that the cutting height position and the steel plate constant, Control system panel automatically / hand control from the arc, arc, can be plasma cutting.

4.1.14 Plasma torch arc pressure increase
The cutting quality is best when the distance between the cutting tip and the work piece is 3 to 5 mm during plasma cutting, and should be controlled by the non-contact sensing device. During the whole cutting process, the non-contact height sensor. The distance between the work pieces remains constant, ensuring the cutting quality during plasma cutting.

4.2 Electrical control part   
CNC drilling cutting machine's electrical control part, by the CNC, electrical, servo three subsystems, factory production CNC cutting machine control system are used in the main part of the original import, foreign brands. The system uses modular structure, wiring simple, reasonable, standardized, easy maintenance, large-scale use of integrated circuits, with small size, stable performance advantages; system also has fault history, fault alarm, self-diagnosis, effective protection of personnel and The system has a variety of language menu (including Chinese), can be very convenient man-machine dialogue, with a variety of input methods, flexible operation, but also with the PC communication to achieve automatic programming, the realization of computer operation, greatly Convenient for the user, save time, ensure the operation is stable and reliable.

4.2.1 CNC system
Spain FAGOR 8055 numerical control system  
It has excellent intelligence and a wide range of uses, can do almost all of the automatic drilling and cutting processing, powerful, easy to use, easy to learn to use, drilling and cutting processing is more popular control system can be applied to CNC lathes, CNC grinding machines and other types of processing occasions.  

4.2.2 Electrical systems
The use of modular design, wiring is simple and reasonable, standardized, coupled with a large number of well-known brands at home and abroad use electrical components, cables, accessories, to ensure that the electrical part of the reliability.  

4.2.3 Servo system
Servo system selection of imported famous brands:
Japan's Matsushita and Spain FAGOR all-digital AC servo system:
Japan Matsushita and Spain FAGOR AC servo drive
Japan Matsushita and Spain FAGOR AC servo motor  

1) AC servo motor is small size, the output torque, response quickly, using incremental pulse encoder as the position feedback and speed feedback components, easy installation, beautiful appearance.

2) The drive is all-digital, power supply and control logic are integrated modular structure. Adjust a wide range of wiring simple, stable performance, easy to operate.

3) All software parameter settings, including gain, time constant, zero drift compensation, acceleration and deceleration, torque limit, position feedback conversion and other parameters, and automatic gain adjustment function to ensure the machine response, accuracy and stability.

4)Overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage, over speed, limit and other alarm protection, and fault history and I / O status check and other functions of the machine protection and repair more quickly and effectively.

4.3 Piping systems and hangers
Longitudinal pipe hangers for steel welded structure installed in the workshop walls (or other fixtures), the engineering plastic towline mounted on the hanger to drag.  Horizontal pipeline dragged by engineering plastic towline.

4.4 computer automatically nesting software
Steel cutting programming nesting software functions include almost all the steel plate processing technology. The technical functions of the software include the accounting and management of the costs of engineering drawing, drawing input, DXF file optimization editing, cutting path setting, NC output, batch parts optimization, processing materials, working hours and wastage.

Steel cutting programming nesting software functions include almost all the steel plate processing technology. The technical functions of the software include the accounting and management of the costs of engineering drawing, drawing input, DXF file optimization editing, cutting path setting, NC output, batch parts optimization, processing materials, working hours and wastage.

4.5 longitudinal rail
Vertical guide  use main, deputy rails, racks and other components. The rails are finished with 43 kg / m rails and mounted on the sill. The machine runs longitudinally along this rail. The main rail is equipped with a longitudinal rack, the main frame of the output gear meshing with them to achieve the vertical movement of the host. Main and auxiliary rails to maintain a certain degree of parallelism, flatness, the main rail ends are equipped with anti-collision block, to prevent the derailment rack.  

5.Processing applications
CNC drilling machine with a drilling function, the maximum thickness of the plasma cutting edge thickness can be achieved cutting. For example, a plasma power supply perforation cutting thickness of 25mm, edge cutting thickness of 50mm, only need to drill hole in the starting position of drilling a small hole, so that the thickness of the plasma cutting thickness can be achieved cutting edge 50mm, effective Users save on the cost of buying equipment. Cut the sample as follows:




NC drilling cutting machine as a result of CNC cutting machine gantry and rail structure, so the structure is not only diverse and simple configuration changes to achieve the enterprise of universal, modular manufacturing. Users only need to put forward the processing format and configuration requirements, you can in a short time for equipment delivery.

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