XBJ(SM)6-2 double-sided milling

The XBJ(SM)6/2 double-sided milling machine is a special double-sided milling machine for the bottom plate and top plate of the outrigger beam. The XBJ(SM)6/2 double-sided milling machine is based on the edge milling machine, absorbing advanced technology and processing technology, focusing on the double-sided milling of the workpiece, so that it can meet the user's requirements for double-sided milling. The workpiece can be milled on both sides of the workpiece with only one positioning, which not only ensures the machining accuracy, but also improves the production efficiency.

Main technical parameter table

machine typeXBJ(SM)6/2-00
Workpiece minimum width105mm
Maximum width of workpiece180mm (table block and presser foot can be modified to process workpieces up to 800mm wide)
Maximum length of workpiece6000mm
Milling power headquantity2 sets
Rotating speed4P  50C/S  6 5 , 90 , 120 , 180 , 240 , 320 , 400 ,540 , 715 (shift)
Spindle telescopic stroke-100 ~ 0 ~ +100mm
Spindle motor power15kW
feed slidequantity2 sets
Working speed60 ~ 400mm/min
fast forward speed6000mm/min
Fast forward motor power3kW X2
Industrial motor power2.2kW X2
pressure beamNumber of hydraulic presser feet12 sets
Presser foot spacing500mm
travel itinerary800mm
Motor Power1.5kW X2
Hydraulic systemMotor Power2.2kW
System pressure3MPa
total installed power45.6kW
Machine net weight26T
Mainframe dimensions (length X width X height)10450X3000X2600mm

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