Wuxi Hualian Science&Technology Group donated one million yuan to Shanghai Jiaotong University

March 14 thin 2013, Wuxi Hualian Science&Technology group donation ceremony was held in YaoZheng Lecture  Hall of School of Material Building A of SJTU Minhang Campus, the group donated one million yuan to School of Material Xu Zuyao Fund. The chairman of Wuxi Hualian Science&Technology Group Wu Zhongxian took more  than ten people such as general manager attended this donation ceremony. China Welding Association  secretary-general Wang Linshu, Wuxi Science&Technology Bureau Scientific and Technological section chief  Zhang Zhuan, Wuxi New District Science&Technology Bureau deputy direction Yang Kai were invented, assistant  to the president Yan Liangyu, Development&Communication section chief Ma Lei, School of Material secretary  of party committee Xu Zhou, dean of college Wu Yixiong and so on attended, donation ceremony was hosted by  college deputy party secretary Zhang Yiyang, part of the School of Material students delegate attended.

Yan Liangyu made an address first of all. On behalf of school, he welcomed the guests and thanked the care and  help of group leaders to Shanghai Jiaotong University education. He pointed out that SJTU and Wuxi Hualian  Science&Technology group has always been friendly cooperation partner. He believed the connection of enterprise  and university play a positive role in personnel training, production, study and research.

Wang Linshu made and address in the donation ceremony. With his personal experience, he told the cooperation  of group and university and introduced the human humility chairman Wu and his frugal life. He also talked about  chairman Wu keen to public welfare establishments, and participated in relief activities and social donation  several times. After all, he hoped that through this donation to enhance mutual cooperation and promote the  development of education.

Wuxi Hualian Science&Technology Group donated one

Zhang Zhuan made a speech on behalf of Wuxi Science&Technology Bureau. Fist he thanked the support of  SJTU to Wuxi science and technology, he introduced that Wuxi Science&Technology Bureau develop a series of  measure for strengthen scientific and technological cooperation with the universities, establish a number of  public technology service platform to deepen production, study and research cooperation. Since 2005, Wuxi  City and SJTU signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement to establish production, study and research  partnership, is one of the production, study and research institutions which outcomes are more impressive.  Hope SJTU and enterprises support each other, deep cooperation, resource sharing, collaborative innovation,  make production, study and research cooperation become a strong power to economic transformation development.  He wished the two parties cooperation become better and better.

Chairman Wu Zhongxian made a speech on behalf of group, he was very thankful for the strongly support and help  of School of Material to group scientific research, hoped in the future can carry out a wide range of research  and teaching activities. He talked about his university dream, his thanks to his parents, and enterprises should  participate more social public activities and so on, he is full of emotion, vivid language, deeply moved the  present person.

Wuxi Hualian Science&Technology Group donated one

On the ceremony, Ma Lei section chief awarded chairman Wu Zhongxian donation certificate on behalf of SJTU.

President Wu Yixiong awarded chairman Wu Zhongxian Adjunct Reasearch offer.

After all, Xu Zhou secretary made a speech on behalf of School of Material. He thanked the kind donation again.  He mentioned that Xu Zuli Found od School of Material was established in 2011, received support and concern from  all sectors of society, had rewarded more than 6 million yuan donation, it played an important role in the  development of college. He expressed that college would make good use of every cent to develop education.

From now on, School of Material and Wuxi Hualian Science&Technology Group would carry out a wide range of  cooperation: first is research project cooperation, two parties will long term cooperate in the filed of welding  seam tacking system, joint-declare research project and overcome technical difficulties, achieve industry upgrade;  second is in the filed of training students can explore group will set up student practice and training base.

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