The company specializes in cutting welding equipment, CNC systems, CNC machinery, welding power and other mechanical and electrical integration products and galvanized steel coil 简体中文   ENGLISH
Keywords: laser cutting machine, CNC cutting machine, robot, CNC drilling machine, H-beam production line, CNC plasma cutting machine
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Chengnan Road NO.238, New District, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province
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Overseas market

  Marketing Headquarters:  
Telephone: 0086-510-85388111/222/333 85389000/85384575/85385441
After-sales service hotline:0086-510-85382943/85385405(straight line)
Toll-free tel : 800-828-7183
Fax: 0086-510-81819395
Headquarters Address:NO.238 Chengnan Road, New district, Wuxi City, Jiangsu province
Zip: 214000
  International Trade:  
  Phone:0086-510- 85389000
Vice sales manager:Miss Wu
Station:Wuxi headquarters
  South Asia, North Africa, Oceania, the Middle East  
  Person in charge: Miss Wu
Extension number: 8035/8058
Station:Wuxi headquarters
  Europe, America, Southern Europe, Northern Europe, Eastern Europe, Africa  
  Person in charge: melody
Extension number: 8033/8052
Station:Wuxi headquarters
  South America, Southeast Asia, Central Asia  
  Person in charge:Cherry
Extension number: 8030/8039
Station:Wuxi headquarters