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  • Product Name: Rib production line

This production line is the specialized production line for high efficiency large mass production bridge slab unit, the production line is equipped with two sets of slab positioning device, one set of steel plate align assembly positioner, one set of movable slab assembly machine, one set of slab unit align and press positioner, two sets of ten head double wire double side slab gantry welding machine, one set of slab unit machinery rolling&straightening machine, achieve automation of slab assembly, welding and straightening Process.

Slab through slab installing machine auto-spot welding and install on single plate, slab welding process parallel angle auto-welding multi-slab, use slab unit straightening machine to straighten slab. Greatly improve production efficiency and reduce labor intensity.

Assembly line is equipped with one slab assembly machine, two slab mounting areas.
Welding line is equipped with two sets of ten head slab double wire gas shielded welding machine.

Gas shielded welder current and voltage centralized control, each welder has trimming function.
CO2 gas concentration supply and unified management.

When welding adopt automatic tracking, has the function of multi-welding torch striking and quenching of arc at the same time.

In order to protect workers' health there is welding smoke dust remover to centralized dedust multi-head torch.
After welding board unit is mechanical straightened, greatly reduce flame baking.

NO. Product name Quantity Reference diagram
1 Steel plate align assembly
1 set
2 Movable slab assembly machine 1 set
3 Slab unit anti-distortion
welding positioner
4 set
4 Ten head double wire slab
Gantry welding machine
2 sets
5 Slab unit straightening
1 sets
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