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  • Product Name: Pressure point movable oil pressure straightening machine

Pressure point movable oil pressure straightening machine is mainly composed of gantry, transmission device, side aligning device, upper pressing module moving carriage, gearbox, hydraulic cylinder, lower moving module,lower moving module rotator, hydraulic system, electrical system and other accessories.

Adjust lower moving module to relative position according to rib position of diaphragm, hoist the diaphragm onto the conveyor for feeding, start side centering device to make diaphragm close up to guide wheel, stop at the position need to be point pressed, adjust horizontal movable module to the upper position of point pressing, meanwhile adjust lower moving module to the position need to be point pressed, rotate the lower moving module at same direction with rib, do point pressing.
Max. single plate size 4.5mX16m
Max. U rib weight 30T
U rib height 260-280mm
U rib thickness 12mm
Base plate thickness 40mm
Material Q370
Upper stamper pressure 300T
Upper stamper down sliding module transver
se moving speed
Upper stamper down sliding module position
adjust way
Motor drive+reducer+wheel+rack
Down sliding module transmission speed 5m/min
Upper stamper lifting stroke 500mm
Transmission speed 1-6m/min
Straightening way Vertical straightening
Hydraulic system pressure 20MP
Hydraulic station power 18.5k
Transmission power 3KW
Front and back chain transmission length 16m Ea
Distance from conveyor to ground 850mm
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