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  • Product Name: Ten-poles double wire double side rib gantry welding machine

Ten-poles double wire double side rib gantry welding machine is a self-developed machine based on technics of angle welding between bridge rib plate and base plate. This is the specialized equipment for gas shield flat fillet weld between multi-ribs and base plate, it has the characteristics of compact structure and easy operation.
Rail span 6m
Rail length Configure according to customer’ need
Welding method Double face double wire Co2 gas shielded high speed welding
Welding way Continuous horizontal fillet welding
Electrode 20 electrodes(double face double welding head)
Welding wire Φ1.4
Welding power 20 sets of OTC XD600G
Welding pin height 6mm~9mm
Same side front and back wire space 25~50mm(adjustable)
Two sides front and back wire space Max. 100mm(adjustable)
Wire vertical angle +/-15°(45°is standard)
Wire horizontal angle adjust +/-15°
Welding speed 900mm/min(when welding pin is 6mm)
Primer thickness Max. 20μm
Gantry type Movable full gantry type
Gantry running speed 10m/min(servo motor+reducer+driving roller)
Wire reel specification 200kg marathon bottle wire
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