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  • Product Name: Adjustable hydraulic predeformation positioner

Adjustable hydraulic pre-deformation positioner is mainly welded from 350x250 hot rolled H beam,on the backside there are rotating oil cylinder, centering moving trolley, pre-deformation arc module, pre-deformation pressing oil cylinder, hydraulic pipeline and so on.


Technical parameter
positioner loading 30T
Forward and reverse
chamfering angle
Distance from upper
surface to ground
Predeformation press
centering device
There are 10 set on one side, space is 1600mm, press
head oscillation is 120mm, press
force is 5T for each, centering device
left and right moving distance is 1100
mm/900mm, centering force is 3T for each
Positioner clamper can
meet plate unit width range
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