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  • Product Name: Movable U rib assembly machine

This machine is mainly used for pressing rib onto base plate, make rib and base plate assembly line coincide, remove contact space between rib and base plate at the same time, also do auto-positioned spot welding at double sides of 5 ribs.


Technical parameter
Gantry rail span 6000mm
Rail length: 40mx2 Configure according to customer’ need
Single head U rib press template pressure 3T
U rib press template space distance adjust method Electric adjust(servo motor, reducer, wheel, rack)
U rib press template space distance size display Control screen digital display and scale label display
U rib press template relative location fixing method Hydraulic lock
U rib press template quantity 5 pieces(can press and center 5 ribs at the same time)
Spot welding system quantity 2
Spot welding method Manual or robot automatic spot welding
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