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  • Product Name: Rib double face bevel milling machine

Rib double face bevel milling machine is mainly composed of milling head, upper and lower press roller device, front and back pinch roller, chipping device, sliding table, front and back roller conveyor and so on, milling head adopts fixed mode, 55kw milling head, power head is put horizontally, spindle rotating speed steep less adjust, milling cutter is formed cutter, complete processing of straight side, upper and lower bevel.

Technical parameter
Max. processing length 3500-18000mm
Steel plate thickness 10-50mm
Steel plate width range 100~500mm
Power head quantity 1 group
Power head power 55KW
Milling groove unit angle range -45°and +45(other angle need to change formed cutter)
Milling processing speed range 800 ~ 2000mm/min(steepless)
Spindle rotating speed 198 rpm
Spindle output torque 2850nN.M
One side max. amount of processing 15 mm
Cutter diameter Φ500mm
Milling unit moving distance 300mm
Milling unit moving speed 0-0.3m/min
Guide wheel group moving distance 600mm
Guide wheel group moving speed 0-0.3m/min
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