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  • Product Name: Panel fabrication production line

1.Joint board station
Match with a set of steel joint board device(including thickness differenceadjusting device and steel plate surface alignment processing facilities) and steel plate transmission positioning adjusting device. On the steel platform, after positioning adjusted the steel plate through manually align and pressthe surface, and then spot weld and montage. If two plate of different thicknessneed to be spot welding, the plate thickness difference adjusting device can adjust height to ensure the upper surface of the plate is flat when spot welding, then process manual spot welding.

2. Single face welding position
Match with 2 sets of movable FCB devices, simultaneously double-face formingwelding two welding seam, until complete welding all welding seam.
Chain type transmission conveyor system transmit the welded steel to the mark, check, repair and cutting station.

3. Mark, check, repair, cutting station
Steel plate should process necessary examination and repair when inspecting pit, cut off arcing plate and arc plate.

4. Longitudinal vertical transfer station
Adopt roller transmission method, the tray rack filled with longitudinal istransported from workshop C area to B area, empty tray rack can be transported viathe above-mentioned path back to the longitudinal conveyor belt of workshop C area.

5. Longitudinal assembly tack welding station
At the front of longitudinal installing station, after steel is in the place,the tray rack loaded with longitudinal is shipped to this station. Trolley take out longitudinal from the tray rack and transmit the longitudinal to the needed assemblyposition, then assembly gantry press the longitudinal on steel plate (if necessary,use the pulling up device on the steel plate to pull up steel plate, make it betterfit with longitudinal), the spot welding system on gantry process spot welding.After spot welding, the door frame begin to assemble the next longitudinal.
Chain conveyor system will transport the segmentation loaded with longitudinalsegmentation to the longitudinal angle welding station.

6. Longitudinal angle welding station
Equipped with a longitudinal angle welder with 24 electrodes (welding head), itcan simultaneously weld six longitudinal. Complete longitudinal angle weld segmentedby the segmentation carrier truck transport to the rib plate girder mounted station, or transport to traverse moving station then transport out to the other line.

7. Rib, girder assembly station
Each line is equipped with two rib girder spot welding gantry. After segment isin place, the rib and girder which need to be installed is transmitted into the mounting spot welding position, each door frame is equipped with six sets CO2welding device to weld rib and longitudinal steel together, complete basicinstallation spot welding work. Complete rib and girder spot welding segmented, usethe segmentation carrier truck transport to the next rib, girder welding station.

8. Rib, girder welding station
Each line is equipped with three rib girder welding door frame, mainly weld rib and girder.Each door frame is equipped with 12 sets of CO2 welders. The wire feeder and torch of all 12 sets of welders are hanging under the electric chain hoist hanger of main beam.

After welding is completed, sub-carrier truck will transport the segmentation to the next station.

9. Segmentation move out station
After complete above work, segmented is transported by the segmentationtransport carrier to move out station. At move out station segmentation use segmentation jacking device to jack to 2.5 from ground. Then use hydraulic flat trolley to transport into bottom of segment. Jacking device put segment onto flat trolley.Segmentation is transmitted out segmentation production workshop by hydraulic flat truck.

10. Segmentation transmission trolley
After longitudinal welding station is completed, through segment trolley completetransport the following all station segment.


NO. Product name Reference diagram
I Joint board station  
1 Steel plate transmi
ssion station
2 Steel platform and
lifting roller
11 Hand-push type
positive alignment
II Single face welding position  
1 Movable FCB single
face welding device
2 Transmission conveyor
3 Supporting conveyor
4 Backup roll
  5 Lifting roller
III Mark, check, repair  
1 Drive conveyor 1
2 Driven conveyor 1
3 Drive conveyor 2
4 Driven conveyor 2
5 Line marking machine
IV Longitudinal
vertical transfer station
1 Longitudinal
vertical transmission device
V Longitudinal
assembly tack
welding station
1 Longitudinal
assembly machine
2 Steel plate transmission device  
VI Longitudinal
welding station
1 Longitudinal welder
VII Rib, girder
assembly frame
1 Rib, girder
assembly frame
2 Grounding device    
3 Level positioner
4 Rib pull in device
VIII Rib, girder
welding station
1 Rib, girder welding
2 Grounding device
3 Level positioner
IX Advanced outfitting station  
1 Level positioner  
X Segmentation 
1 Segmentation
XI Segmentation 
jacking transport 
out station
1 Segmentation
hydraulic jacking
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