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  • Product Name: T-bar assembly&welding machine

The pipeline is a highly efficient mass production specialized for marine T-bar, there is panel positioning device, web positioning device, T-bar assembly, tack welding device, T-bar shunt device, panel four corners chamfering device,T-bar sidesway discharging device, T-bar gantry type welding machine, T-bar straightening machine, transmission conveyor and other auxiliary equipment, achieve automation of T-bar assembly process. The whole process is automatic controlled by PLC, every process has a security alarm and interlock to ensure that every aspect of safety, order production.

NO. Product name Quantity Reference diagram 
1 Web positioning device A 2x8 groups
2 Web positioning device B 2x8 groups
3 Panel positioning device 2x5 groups
4 Tack welding input conveyor 2x20m  
5 T-bar assembly device 2x1 set
6 Electronic control System
and air control system
2x1 groups
7 Tack welding device 2x2 groups
8 Tack welding output
9 T-bar shunt device 2 sets
10 Chamfering machine input
11 Chamfering machine host 1 set
12 Chamfering machine
output conveyor
13 T-bar horizontal
moving blanking
4 groups
14 Bearing platform 1 set
15 Welding platform
clamping device
12 sets
16 Welding platform
turning up device
4 sets
17 24 electrode gantry type
auto-welding machine
1 set
18 HL06-00T-bar hydraulic
straightening machine
1 set
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