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  • Product Name: Rib/section pull-in device

This device adopts three cars linkage, can pull rib into longitudinal, mainly composed of winch, rope device, steel wire hoist, walking trolley, manual clamping device, linkage controller and other components, divide 5T and 10T two kinds rib pulling device.


Winch winding load 10t
Test load 11t
Steel wire winding and loosen speed 1.6m/min—16m/min, no-load release and
recover about 8m/min
Steel wire height adjust Wire rope center is 1250mm from ground,
upper adjust 150mm, down adjust 150mm
Steel wire pull length 40m
Rail lay out Total length 50m, rail adopts steel welding
box structure
Winch walking speed 8.5—9.5m/min
Winding drum Winding drum diameter φ520mm
Steel wire horizontal moving speed 26mm/r
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