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  • Product Name: Makeup welding device

In order to meet the bearing plate splicing, design a kind of carrying welding carriage can rotate displacement of steel plate splicing equipment, root tree thebutt welds steel plate put different azimuth rotating, mobile positioning, can make the double wire submerged arc welding car parallel to the weld position of welding torch, completed a weld splice, another move driven by the main door frame longitudinal welding carriage shift, can complete different location of the steel plate joining together.

The technical parameters of the main parts makeup welding device
The welding way Double arc double wire double-sided submerged
arc welding
The material of welded steel plate Marine steel A, B, D and AH32, AH36, DH32, DH36 steel
The thickness of the steel plate 8mm~35mm
The length of the welding 1000mm~6000mm
Welding power source Dc + ac
Gantry gauge 10000mm
Gantry cart walking wheel track 5000mm
Cart walking range 30000
The largest pulley 95KN
The center line of the lateral total width
in rail traveling mechanism
The door frame door frame beam
equipment total height
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