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  • Product Name: Welding cantilever support

Welding cantilever support make use of workshop column to install overhead, the wire feeder hang on the cantilever support, pipeline is transported through the trolley at the side of frame, site security and tidy, wire feeder can move up and down to the desired position according to needs, at the same time can rotate within a certain range, the operation is very convenient and practical.


Cantilever support hoisting capacity 250kg
Electric chain hoist hoisting capacity 250kg
Electric hoist lifting chain length 5m
Hoisting speed 7.8m/min
Electric hoist upgrade control way Cantilever hand control box
(safety voltage 36v)
Electric hoist walking trolley control way Electric walking
Cantilever beam rotate speed According to operator drag speed
Whole trolley rotate range 0°-180°
Beam length 11m
Back spindle height 4m
Electric hoist lifting speed 4.0m
Angle between diagonal member and fixed beam 110°
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