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  • Product Name: FCB jacking device

In the carting position, hydraulic jacking equipment jack the segment of hydraulic trolley to high enough so that panel transmit trolley can reach the segment below to transmit the segment away. The system consists of four sets of hydraulic jacking beam, each beam is supported by hydraulic cylinder.

Can avoid lateral force acts on the hydraulic cylinder, to prevent product fall. Match with a safety valve to prevent overload, there is a pressure switch, if hydraulic cylinder overload, it will send an alarm to the console. In addition, there is a flow control valve (two-way) with pressure compensated to ensure that the lifting beam to rise and fall at the same speed, capacity up to 450 tons.


Jacking beam quantity 4 groups
Jacking beam width direction center distance 10m
Jacking beam length direction center distance 8m
Jacking operation way Hydraulic
Jacking ability
(segment center of gravity is in 1m of segment center)
Hydraulic station quantity 1 group
Jacking height 500~2500mm
(calculate from ground)
Jacking speed About 320mm/min
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