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  • Product Name: Fixed FCB welder

The machine use three arc three wire four power submerged arc welding mode, welding type is single-side double-side forming, this machine is mainly composed of main door frame, welding trolley, torch up and down lifting device, welding torch left and right horizontal moving device, submerged arc tracking device, upper flux recycle device, welding parameter memory (controller), electromagnetic platform device, copper gasket device, flux spreading clean trolley, bottom flux recycle device, submerged arc welding system and so on.

This machine is domestic initiative, has been used by Dalian Shipbuilding Industry, Yangzi Xin Fu Shipbuilding, Shunti an Shipbuilding, Zhenhua Port Machinery and other major domestic shipyards.

Welding way Three arc three wire four power submerged
arc welding
Welding method Single-side double-side forming
Plate thickness 10-35mm
Welding length 4000-25000mm
Welding current&voltage control type Centralized control
Welding seam track way Auto-electronic tracking
Welding speed 200-900mm/min
Flux spreading recycle way Auto-spreading recycle
Plate material A,B,D steel and AH32,AH36,DH32,DH36 steel
for ship
Welding seam distance between adjacent
two sets
 Opposite electromagnets
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