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  • Product Name: XBJ18SS bilateral double-headed milling machine

The series of edge milling machine use the milling process, instead of the original planing process, appliable for straight edge, bevel, thick plate V-shaped groove milling l before welding plate, greatly improve production efficiency and product quality, at the same timealso reduce the cost, is the preferred product for pressure vessel, shipbuilding, electric power, petroleum, chemical and machinery industries.
This machine mainly consists of the bed component, pressure beam assembly, retractable mechanism, milling head, cutter head lifting mechanism, hydraulic and electric control system. Add steel hydraulic retainer mechanism on machine bed, convenient for material feeding and blanking; upper pressure beam assembly adopt full hydraulic pressure to compact,operate safety and reliable; mobile feed mechanism use frequency variable speed,can easily achieve milling feed speed regulae, cutter can 0 ~ 45 °adjust, electric lifting adjust cutter height, the rail mounting type is removable type, and through heat treatment, bed structure is more reasonable, and milling head work more stable and reliable.
parameter / model XBJ-6S XBJ-9S XBJ-12S XBJ-15S
Processing plate thickness(mm) 6~50
The maximum milling depth at one time(mm) 4
Head milling angle 0~45°((conventional)
Milling head speed(rpm) 80~400(8-level exchange gear)
Milling feedrate(m/min) 0.25~0.6
Fast forward speed(m/min) 2
Main milling power(Kw) 5.5X2
Traveling motor power(Kw) 3X2
Lift motor power(Kw) 0.75X2
Electric power of hydraulic station(Kw) 3
Hydraulic system working pressure(Mpa) Top material:7 Binder:4
Effective milling length(m) 6 9 12 15
Number of hydraulic cylinders (only) 9 13 17 21
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