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  • Product Name: XHF55 pipe girth root edge milling machine

Vertical seam chipping&milling machine is used for chipping and bevel processing of steel pipe outer ring welding seam, it has wide range of uses in large tubulation industry, wind tower manufacturing industry, pressure vessel manufacturing industry and so on. This machine has many advantages such as high speed and high efficiency;there is no external stress caused by heat, the heat caused by bevel processing can be took with scrap iron, scrap iron can be recycle; clean and shining processing surface; greatly reduce welding filler content, reduce bevel processing and welding work; bevel geometrical shape is almost stable.
Main technical parameter
Parameter Type XZF55
Appliable workpiece Diameter 2000-8000mm
Length 1500-4500mm
Thickness 50-250mm
Vertical CNC sliding table Sliding table stroke 5000mm
Walking speed 5000mm/min
Milling speed 50-250mm/min
Servo motor power 11Kw
Oblique sliding table(depth adjust) Oblique angle 15°
Cutter height adjust distance 200mm
Walking speed 1000mm/min
Tracking speed 20-100mm/min
Servo motor power 5Kw
Horizontal CNC sliding table Cutter horizontal Walking speed distance ±50mm
Cutter horizontal adjusting distance 70mm
Walking speed 250mm/min
Tracking speed 10-50mm/min
Servo motor power 1.5Kw
Milling power head Spindle motor power 55Kw
Spindle motor rotating speed 70rpm
Milling cutter max. diameter 700mm
Max. milling depth 70mm
Roller carrier Max. loading 50t
Roller line speed 100-1000mm/min
Drive motor power 2X1.1Kw
Roller moving speed 500mm/min
Drive motor power 2X2.2Kw
Self lubricating system Lubricating system pressure 2MPa
Lubricating point oil filling level 0.1mL
Lubricating cycle 6-10min
Control system Control method PLC+touch screen
Servo axis quantity 3
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