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  • Product Name: CNC optical fiber laser cutting machine

Laser cutting machine, as a kind of advanced multidisciplinary integrated cross hot cutting equipment, it combines computer numerical control technology, high-precision mechanical transmission, advanced laser applications at an organic whole, with high efficiency, high precision, high flexibility and the advantages of non-contact, no cutting force, in many areas is a breakthrough of traditional processing technology.
Fiber laser the defendant for the third generation of the most advanced laser industrial processing, has many advantages in the field of industrial processing, optical fiber laser system with low maintenance requirements of solid state laser source to generate laser beam, laser beam laser via cable.
Numerical control as the main technical parameters of the optical fiber laser cutting machine

Effective cutting width 1500-3000mm
Effective cutting length 3000-8000mm
Laser power supply Haibao HFL015
Drive way Double drive
Maximum speed  80000mm/min
Numerical control system  The haibao EDGE PRO (laser)
Laser power supply  The haibao HFL015 fiber laser
Drive way Bilateral drive
Optical fiber laser cutting torch 1 set (American haibao LF150 integration capacitor
height control technology)
Cutting torch lifting gear The haibao Sensor THC, movements
itinerary 200 mm or more
Change table Contains the change table the frame body,
the two groups of mobile rack and chain
transmission device and a table lifting gear
Water chiller Wuxi xue XH - 05 a chiller and connection pipe
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