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  • Product Name: Double arc double wire submerged arc welding machine

This machine adopts double arc of the double wire submerged arc welding welding method, under 18 mm steel plate welding without open groove, which can realize two weld welding at the same time, the distance between the two weld: 1.8-4.0 m, with over-the-counter (OTC) original + KRUMC CPMR - 1500-1500 welding power source, OTC original wire feeding machine and control box, one group of welding torch can be 90 ° rotating longitudinal seam and the welding joints. Control system adopts PLC and single-chip microcomputer automatic control, welding parameters can be centralized management control, welding parameters can be called and storage. Flux configuration automatically feed and recycle devices, flux tube with functions of thermal insulation and with flux margin detection.
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