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  • Product Name: XB500-00 rib plate double groove edge milling machine

XB500-00 double-side bevel edge milling machine is mainly composed of milling power head, upper and lower pressure roller device, front and rear pinch roller, row cutting device, slide table and front and rear conveying roller, etc. Milling power head adopts fixed way, Milling pin for the forming cutter, a straight edge and up and down a groove to complete a 450 and +450 (other angles need to replace the forming cutter), with milling capacity, low noise advantages.
Name XB500-00
Processing length range 3500-18000mm
Plate width 10-50mm
Plate width 100-500mm
The quantity of power head 1 set
Rate of power head 55kw
The milling groove unit angle range -45°&+45°
Milling processing speed range 800-2000mm/min
Speed of mainshaft 198rpm
output shaft torque 2850nN.M
Unilateral maximum processing capacity 15mm
Cutter diameter
φ 500mm
Total power 60KW
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