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  • Product Name: Nc table fine plasma cutting machine

CNC table fine plasma cutting machine adopts bilateral drive, vertical and horizontal to the high-precision linear guide, high-precision rack and pinion drive, the overall table design, effective cutting range matching according to customer demand. Intelligent machine interface, with the automatic control of the fine plasma power supply, the perfect realization of the laser-like parts cutting, cutting the type and thickness of a wide range of materials, cutting faster and more efficient.

The CNC table fine plasma cutting machine can greatly reduce the cutting of the hole after the secondary processing, cutting process completely intelligent, automatic adjustment of cutting height and speed, cutting air pressure and flow automatic adjustment, the use of advanced cutting technology and intelligence Control system, the perfect realization of the parts of the ultra-fine cutting, cutting surface vertical and smooth, almost no edge of the dross parts, hot metal splash easily removed, round hole accuracy error of less than 0.3mm, cutting surface slope of less than 2 degrees.
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