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  • Product Name: GS/G (MC), a 600 five axis friction wheel steel pipe cutting machine

GS / G (MC) -600 Five-axis friction wheel steel pipe cutting machine is developed by Wuxi Hualian according to the market demand. It is more convenient to operate than chuck clamping steel pipe cutting machine, but its cutting precision is better than chuck clamping type Steel pipe cutting machine is slightly lower.

The five-axis friction wheel steel pipe cutting machine is composed of a pipe friction rotating shaft, a cutting torch which moves axially along the pipe axis, a cutting torch along the axial plane of the pipe, a cutting torch along the radial plane of the pipe, Pipe diameter ranging from 60mm-600mm, the maximum Machinable length of 9000mm, the device is mainly used for including a groove, including a variety of pipe systems, sub-LU-consistent end of the cutting and a variety of tube-like cross- Cutting.

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