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  • Product Name: DX series large end face milling machine

DX series large scale milling machine is summarized end face processing characteristics, absorbing the advantages of aimilar foreign machine,combined with practical experience of the factory produce small end milling machine many years,then design for the large professional milling equipment. This series use domestic milling power head,high strength welding bed and lifting column,configure variable frequency system drive,PLD process control,realize milling process automactic operation,select standard or formed cutter,can achieve different kinds of end face processing technology requirement,working table is mainly composed of jacking worktable and pushing material worktable.
item model
Processing workpiece cross section range(mm) In range of 1000-2000mm, clamp inner
diaphragm at once, automatic rotate four
sides separately milling straight edge,
in range of 400-1000mm, inner diaphragm
needs worker to dismount, process in four times
Max. milling depth at one time(mm) 4mm
Feeding speed range(mm/min) 200-650mm/min
Main machine fast return speed range(mm/min) 1000mm/min
Max. loading weight of worktable(T) 5t
Location indexing accuracy of rotation worktable ±6"
Repetitive location of rotation worktable 6"
Milling cutter diameter(mm) φ250(15 Teeth)mm
Main milling power(KW) 11Kw
Rotation speed of spindle(rpm) 4P 50C/S 65,90,120,150,240,320,400,540,715(拨档/Draw File)
Processing straightness of workpiece(mm) ≤0.5mm
Processing surface roughness of workpiece(μm) ≤12.5μm
Exterior size of main machine(mm) 4600×4800×1450mm
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