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  • Product Name: SPKX45 / 2 double-sided groove milling machine

SPKX45 / 2 double-sided groove milling machine is based on the milling machine, absorbing advanced technology and processing technology, highlighting the double-sided groove milling, so that it can adapt to user requirements double-sided milling, the workpiece only once positioning it Can be completed on the double-sided groove milling, both to ensure the processing accuracy, but also improve the production efficiency. The equipment is mainly composed of bed components, electric control system, hydraulic system, pressure beam mechanism, lubrication system, left and right lateral sliding table, hydraulic presser foot, column assembly, reduction box, spindle parts and worktable components. The use of strengthening the spindle milling head and a specially-shaped cutter head, so that it can adapt to the special groove milling, reduce the footprint, in order to facilitate the placement of other components. The whole milling spindle adopts vertical arrangement. The worktable adopts the way of moving. The bed rail adopts roller linear guide, and the feeding adopts the screw rod transmission, which makes the equipment more accurate in milling and smooth transmission.
machine type SPKX45/2
Workpiece width 100~600mm
Maximum workpiece length 4500mm
Workpiece thickness 10~60mm
Milling power head Quantity 2 sets
Rotating speed 130~180rpm(Frequency)
Spindle taper hole BT50
Motor Power 37kW
The table moves Move the stroke 5300mm
Speed of movement 100~500mm/min
Power of motor 3kW
Fast forward speed 2000mm/min
Fast forward motor power 4kW
Transverse slide Move the stroke 400mm
Moving speed 200mm/min
Motor Power 0.75kW?X2
Locking mode Manual
Column Adjust the height 100mm
Adjustment method Manual
Locking mode Manual
Hydraulic system System pressure 3MPa
Number of presser feet 15 sets
Presser foot spacing 300mm
Single presser foot clamping force 5000N
Electric power of hydraulic system 2.2kW
Total installed power 86kW
Net weight of the machine 30T
Overall dimensions (length × width × height) 12500X3530X2480mm
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